Top 16 American Made Mini Chainsaw - See Our #1 Pick For 2023

We believe that tough, objective, hands-on testing is the best way to measure the quality of a product. Like any good scientist, we promote transparency in our process. We have assembled the American made mini chainsaw in one list. You may be interested in popular brands below: Ainerixin, Seyvum, Prodcyc, Bnt, Fullove, Oicgoo, Hajack, Seesii, Workpro, Mksense, Natiddy, Greenworks, Dongyan, Bei & hong, V-modest.

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  • Efficiency Motor & High Quality Chain: The improved pure copper motor chainsaw can cut 3~4 inches of branch in just 10 seconds, 300% longer life than other copper wire motors, 75% higher output power, and 50% lower energy consumption. Besides, the 2 chains coming with chainsaw was deep quenched, making cutting smoother.
  • One-Hand Operate: The battery chainsaw weighs only 1.5lb, is lightweight to hold, even women or the elderly can easily use it, and not feel tired after a long time of use. Very suitable for family and outdoor work.
  • Upgraded Safety Chainsaw: This mini wood chainsaw is added a safety lock switch, the safety lock and trigger must be pressed simultaneously to start the saw, which can prevent accidental starting. Besides, safety splash guard, splash-proof handle, and a pair of extra gloves also can protect you, making your cutting safer.
  • High Quality After Sales Service - The battery chainsaw is already installed and provides half-year after-sales service. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact us , and we will return or replace it for you free of charge.
  • Safe and Convenient - The handheld chainsaw has safety lock, is in the position held by the hand, and sufficient safety protection can be obtained without specially turning on the safety switch.
  • No Need to Install - Our cordless chainsaw has been assembled for you, you can use it when you receive the goods, plug in the battery, and start using it for branch cutting, garden pruning, tree trimming, etc.
  • 【One hand use & Compact】The portable mini chainsaw is light in weight, only 1.6kg and can be easily controlled with one hand. It’s not tired to hold for a long time.Anti-slip handle design to prevent falling off
  • 【Maximum Safety & Multiple Protection】To ensure the safety of the user, OICGOO cordless chainsaw is provided with a safety switch and an arc protection baffle to protect against accidental starts and wood splashing. You need to press the lock button and switch button simultaneously to start the handheld chainsaw. In addition, the built-in control circuit board features an overload protection function which could make the motor automatically stop working when it is overheated,assured your safety.
  • 【Friendly Service】OICGOO Mini Chainsaw enjoys 12-month worry-free assurance quality, 7×24 after-sales service.
  • 【Highly Efficient Cutting】The upgraded 6-inch mini chainsaw easily cuts through larger tree limb with a diameter of more than 4 inches quickly. This electric chainsaw adopts high-quality guide chains with deep quenching process, which cut smoothly and is more wear-resistant. We have also prepared 2 spare chains to prevent accidents. Compared with a 4-inch chain saw, our electric saw has shorter cutting time and more efficient cutting efficiency.
  • 【Large-capacity and High Power】This cordless chainsaw is equipped with two 24V removable and rechargeable large-capacity lithium battery, which have fast charging speed, slow power consumption and easy installation. At the same time, there is also a copper wire high-efficiency motor, which provides your battery chainsaw with longer running time, more power and faster speed, thereby reducing wear and extending the life of the saw.
  • 【Easy to Operate】HAJACK updated handheld chainsaw has added oil bubble lubrication function and manual knob, which make it more convenient and safer for you to adjust and install the chain and lubricate. We provide you with a manual, which describes the operation method in detail.
  • ✅ 【EXCELLENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE】- We provide 24×7 friendly customer support to keep you away from after-sales worries. If you are not satisfied with SeeSii Mini Chainsaw or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Our after-sales service experts will reply your information within 12 hours, We will do our best to solve your problems, you can purchase and experience with confidence.
  • ✅ 【FRIENDLY ACCESSORIES】- We have prepared 2 x Battery, 1 x Suitcase, 2 x Chain(One has been installed), 1 x Charger and 1 x Screwdriver for you, these are the most equipment that you may need in mini Chainsaw package. The suitcase can store all the accessories perfectly, which is very suitable for carrying out.
  • ✅ 【ONE HAND USE CHAINSAW】SeeSii portable chainsaw weighs only 3.15Lbs and around the 16-inch length. It is elaborately designed to prevent someone from being too heavy to operate the saw and to avoid kickback caused by the chainsaw being too light. Reasonable lightweight is one of the considerations in safety design. Women can operate and control effectively, and will not feel tired after working for a long time.
  • Make Gardening Significantly Easier: With 16.4 ft/s of chain speed and 6.3” guide bar, longer and faster than many other mini chainsaws, it powerful enough to cut 1” to 4.3” diameter branches around any garden, and it only takes about 8 seconds to cut logs with diameter of approx 10~11 cm (the specific value varies with the actual size and hardness of the wood).
  • Tool-Free Installation & Tensioning: Please adjust the chain tension with roller adjuster before cutting. Without the need to use any tools, you can easily installed and replaced chain by cutover the on-off. WORKPRO handheld mini chainsaw with 2 battery and charger is almost ready-to-use right out of box.
  • Lightweight & Compact: The mini chainsaw and lithium battery together weigh just 3.2 lbs, reducing arm fatigue while cutting, makes it not only easier to one-handed operation, but also safer than heavier chainsaw. Its small size also allows it to fit into tight or awkward spaces that larger saws could not, like between tree branches, or into brush piles.
  • ✅【HIGHLY EFFICIENT CUTTING】Power Chain Saws takes about 10 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of 6inch (the specific value varies with the actual size and hardness of the wood).
  • ✅【EASY INSTALL & OPERATE】 The whole chainsaw has been installed, you just need to simply use the wrench in the package to turn the screw to adjust the tightness, and finally tighten the screw. (You don’t need to install the chain separately)
  • 🎁【Packing List】2* Battery,1* Charger ,1* Installation package,1* User Manual,1*plastic box,2 Chain
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What do we need to take a look at when deciding to select American made mini chainsaw in 2023?

You have been through hundreds of sites to look for the American made mini chainsaw which meets your needs but get nothing. You are wondering what aspect you should consider when making a purchase decision. In a lot of things that have been shown and analyzed, we will focus on some in the following.

Auto Oiling

For optimal performance and optimum safety, you need to oil your power saw blade routinely. If you fail to do this, the blade may become dull quicker, but the rubbing warmth can also create the nose of the saw to warp.

Today, lots of power saws have an automatic oiler that conserves the operator time while making certain the saw continues to be in optimal working condition. Automatic oilers are available with either dealt with circulation or adjustable flow. A fixed-flow oiler will certainly distribute a constant, steady flow of oil onto the chain. An adjustable flow oiling system indicates that the operator can adjust the setting of the oiler to launch more or less oil. This adjustable system may be excellent when placing extra substantial strain on the saw, such as reducing more challenging woods.

Whichever sort of automatic oiler you select, become knowledgeable about the dimension of the oil reservoir as well as pay attention to the oil degree. Numerous models of power saws have a tiny window on the side that allows you easily keep an eye on your oil supply.

Bar Length

The chainsaw bar is also often referred to as the blade and acts as the overview for the chain. Bar sizes vary substantially amongst different models of chainsaws as well as array from 8 inches to 30 inches.

The shorter the bar size, the less complicated the chainsaw is to manage-- but it will also lower the saw's cutting capacities since bench must be 1 to 2 inches longer than the wood you're cutting to prevent kickback (which is when the nose of the saw reaches the reducing surface and also is dramatically forced upward). Longer bar lengths allow you to make significantly bigger cuts of wood in a solitary pass. However, a longer bar length needs a more effective electric motor and also a heavier device, so raised caution is needed when using these heavy-duty power saws.

A bar length of 14 inches or less must suffice when purchasing a chainsaw for ordinary home owner usage. If you have greater than typical lawn jobs to take on, you could require to search for an extra qualified model with 14 to 18 inches of bar size. Durable chainsaws will certainly have a bar length of 18 to 24 inches, as well as specialist power saws will certainly extend the bar size to 30 inches.

Maintenance Is Key

Upkeep is likewise a crucial consider power saw safety and security. A chain that's correctly honed, tensioned, and also fueled oil speeds cutting and aids protect against kickback while minimizing wear on the chain and the bar on which it flights. A chain that's also loose can likewise slip off bench as well as toward the driver as it rotates.


There are three standard kinds of chainsaws: gas, electric, and also battery-powered.

Electric electric motors are ranked in amps. Light duty electrical power saws begin at about 8 amps, however much more robust designs drop between 12 as well as 15 amps. Unless you have the most basic cutting tasks to complete, you'll likely want to think about an electric chainsaw with amps at the higher end of this range.

Fuel engines are most frequently classified in cc's, however you'll periodically see them ranked by horse power. You'll discover chainsaws with anywhere from 25cc to 80cc or even more in specialist designs. Horsepower differs, however a mid-range power saw might have around 4 horse power, with sturdy models loading even more power. Note, however, that gas-powered chainsaws are banned in numerous cities, which trend will continue to grow.

Battery-operated versions skip the motor and engine scores completely. Instead, the power of these chainsaws is measured in volts. Many models are available with 18 to 40 volts, but a few stretch the power up to 80 volts or more.

Dress Smart

Start with snug-fitting apparel and sturdy job boots, preferably steel-toed. Guard your legs with cut-resistant chaps as well as the rear of your hands with safety handwear covers, as well as wear a headgear with a face guard. You'll also need hearing defense because almost all saws, consisting of electrical models, exceed the 85-decibel level at which hearing damages can happen.


So many aspects to care about, but before you have to choose American made mini chainsaw to buy, just list out something you had (money, time, distance,..) and some things you want (brand, features, …), searching and making a buying decision will be much easier than you thought.


1. How Do You Sharpen A Chainsaw?

It's uncomplicated to develop a power saw, although it is a little bit tiresome. First, disconnect the power saw or eliminate the battery and then engage the chain brake and also secure the bar of the power saw in a workbench vise. If required, tighten the chain by transforming the stress adjusting screw. This will certainly avoid the chain from transforming while you function.

After that wipe away grit as well as dirt with a cord brush and also mark among the chain's teeth with a marker or crayon. This will assist you track your full turning around the chain.

Establish the file in the notch directly behind the marked "tooth" of the chain. The data must go to a small angle directing away from the power saw's motor. Later, stroke the documents with the notch several times in one instructions until the steel is silvery and shows up sharp. Using the same angle for the documents and number of strokes as this first tooth, repeat this on every other tooth till you get back to your starting factor.

Currently, you will certainly flip the chainsaw over and also reclamp it to your workbench vise. Using the same strategy, develop the staying teeth, moving to every other tooth until you are back to your starting factor.

Next, examine the deepness gauge rakers. These are the tiny, a little rounded points found prior to each tooth on the chain. Location a depth gauge tool over each raker subsequently. If the raker sticks up above the depth gauge tool, use a level documents to submit the raker level with the depth gauge device. Repeat this until you've functioned your way around the chain.

Finally, dirt away any metal dirt or scrapings, unclamp your power saw, and afterwards reset the chain tension to your usual rigidity.

2. How Do You Use A Chainsaw Safely?

To use a chainsaw securely, dress in apparel that fits well as well as covers your entire body. Use long trousers, long sleeves, and shut boots as well as footwear. Various other protective equipment consists of eye safety and security goggles, work gloves, as well as ear muffs or noise-reducing earplugs.

Next off, you'll require to familiarize yourself with the chainsaw's guidelines before powering up the tool. Do not take on a task that is outside of your skill degree as well as never run a power saw if you are tired out, ill, or otherwise impaired.

Before you begin working, find a person to stand neighboring and also always have a first-aid package on hand. When you have actually begun working, make certain you work gradually as well as carefully and that you always have 2 hands on your chainsaw with both feet solidly put on stable ground. You must never ever make use of a chainsaw on a ladder, set down in a tree, or another precarious spot. You must likewise stand directly before the item you are reducing with the chainsaw at a mild angle to the side. Don't lean or flex your body to the side, and also do not utilize your power saw to reduce brush or tree arm or legs over your head.

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