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Our specialist in technology and engineering analyzes thousands of articles and reviews to find the Electric yard trimmer with popular brands below: Worx, Black+decker, Earthquake, Dewalt, Greenworks, Southland, Craftsman. We generated product recommendations by using data technologies and human intelligence. Read on to find out which is the best for you.

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  • DURABILITY AND EFFICIENCY with 7-1/2 in. hardened steel blade and up to 2-1/2 in. adjustable blade depth
  • EASE OF MOVEMENT with large guide wheel for mobility while edging
  • HIGH VERSATILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY: DEWALT Universal Attachment capability to accept additional tool pieces
  • MAINTENANCE FREE – This edger is virtually maintenance free, with no gas, no oil, and no emissions. It starts instantly, is quiet, and delivers to the power you need​
  • UP TO 60 MINUTES RUN-TIME – on fully charged 4.0Ah batteries (varies based on grass condition and operator technique). Greenworks 40V battery powers 60+ indoor and outdoor products​
  • TRUBRUSHLESS MOTOR – provides more torque, quiet operation, and longer life​
  • Blade angle adjusts +/- 15 degrees for bevel edging capabilities
  • Metal frame and blade guard for increased durability
  • Fuel the stabilizer if the edger is kept unused for 30 dayS
  • VERSATRACK hook for convenient storage with VERSARACK system
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: 12 Amp high torque motor of the edger trimmer cuts through tough turf
  • COMFORT & CONTROL: Adjustable auxiliary handle of the edge trimmer provides comfort and control
  • Product 2: 10A rating at 125V, 16/2-gauge, SJTW(rated weatherproof)
  • Product 1: [CUTTING LINE INDICATOR] Stay on the straight and narrow with the cutting line guide—you’ll notice a difference when you’re done
  • Product 2: Commonly used for appliances, electric grills, decorative lighting, holiday lighting, and outdoor applications
  • SPEED CONTROL FOR OPTIMIZED POWER AND RUNTIME with variable trigger and hi/lo settings
  • HIGH VERSATILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY: DEWALT Universal Attachment capability to accept additional tool pieces
  • EASE OF MOVEMENT with large guide wheel for mobility while edging
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle for added user comfort and control
  • 4 year tool protects your investment
  • 8-In blade curb wheel s the perfect edging every time
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The Electric yard trimmer this March: Good ones don’t have to be expensive

Luxurious products are always expensive and always treated with the best services a brand can offer. However, if you’re not willing to spend that much money, you can find one of the Electric yard trimmers for a reasonable price with some simple tricks. This article is supposed to help you with that. Let’s dig in, shall we?


Lawn edgers use cutting blades to cut grass, so it’ s important to think about what type of blade you get and how it works. For example, is it serrated? Is it sharp? How large is it? How fast does it rotate? These are all important considerations to make.


Batteries powered edger trimmers are also renowned for being weaker than alternatively powered edger trimmers, which means they might not be suitable for rough terrains or very thick strains of grass.

Battery Powered For Small Lawns

Batteries in these types of electric edgers won't last as long as they would if you were using gas powered ones. However, if you're going to be using your edging tool for longer than an hour at a time (and most people aren't), then pausing to recharge the batteries might be annoying.

Edging Curves?

Before buying a particular type of tool for cutting grass, be sure to know whether it works best on flat or curved surfaces. If you have curved areas in your yard, you might want to consider a tool that can handle these types of cuts.

Corded Compromise

Corded lawn edger are a good compromise between electric and gasoline-fueled edging machines. They usually provide a good level of power, but need electricity, so always check whether there is an extension cord available before starting work.

Gas Powered For Large Lawns

You may want to consider whether a larger gas-operated mower is necessary for your smaller sized grassy area. They're usually too big to fit inside most garages, so if you don't have enough room to store them outside, then you might not need one at all. A cordless or battery operated version would probably be sufficient.

However, if you're looking for a good quality electric edger, then a gas-operated one may be a better choice. A gas-operated edger is generally more powerful, lasts longer, and achieves a more professional and precise cut than its battery-operated or corded counterparts. It also comes with a higher cost but may be worth considering if you have a lot of grass to cut.


To start narrowing down your search for an edger, you need to decide which type you prefer. There are three main types: Manual, electrical, and gas.

Consider your lawn area. If it’ s really large, you might wish to consider a gas choice. For smaller areas, check out electric choices. For very little spaces, you could possibly just require a manual choice.

If you want an electric toothbrush, choose between a corded one or a cordless one.

Handle Length

Make sure the tool is comfortable and easy to work with. That's why the size of the handles matters. Don't make yourself uncomfortable by having to hunch over. Think about how tall you'd like your handles to be.


If you enjoy multi-tasking during your lawn care activities, then it might help if you were able to find an edger that could also double as a trimmer, a trencher, or a mower. Having a single device that can perform multiple functions makes your lawn care easier and less time consuming.

Combining multiple different types of equipment into one tool can save you time and money by allowing you to use less equipment.

Run Time

If choosing a manual option, you don‘t have to worry about running out of power. However, if selecting an electrical corded option, you must consider how much energy you will burn through during operation. And if choosing a cordless option, you should also take into account the amount of fuel you will consume. Always make sure your battery is fully charged before starting work.

Cordless electric toothbrushes vary in terms of their battery lives. Some last for just 20 minutes, whereas some last up to one or two hours.

Final Words

Finally, we hope you can have the best decision you can make. The products above are the best the market has to offer for the category or Electric yard trimmer with popular brands below: Worx, Black+decker, Earthquake, Dewalt, Greenworks, Southland, Craftsman. Thank you for staying with us through the little journey that we enjoyed more than anything. See you later in future articles, and, until then, happy searching and surfing!


1. How Deep Can Lawn Edgers Cut?

A regular depth of regard for most garden edgers is between two and 3 feet, but our top choice, the Vanity Power Plus MEO 800 Electric Edger, goes even deeper at up to three feet.

If you're just looking for a garden edger to enhance the aesthetics of your backyard, then don't worry too much about using an expensive tool. However, if you want to carve out courses and flower beds, look for a larger blade.

2. Do You Edge Every Time You Mow?

It depends on the lawn. Some lawns grow and spread very quickly, so you may want to consider checking the edges every time you mow the lawn. Most lawns don't require edgings every time they're mowed, but it's likely to need edgings every two or three cuts.

3. Should I Edge Before Or After I Mow?

You may prefer to start by edging first, but either way works fine. Edging first makes it easier to create a straight line at a consistent height, but if you mowed first, then it would be easier to remove excess grass clippings.

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