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  • NO MONTHLY FEES - Rachio comes complete and ready to use, without any extra charges or app subscription fees.
  • FAST & EASY INSTALLATION - DIY installation in 30 minutes or less with no special tools needed. Compatible with 99% of existing sprinkler controllers.
  • EXCLUSIVE WEATHER TECHNOLOGY - Patented Weather Intelligence automatically skips unnecessary watering with features like rain skip, wind skip, freeze skip, and more.
  • The PCC is also compatible with the Hunter Solar Sync
  • The PCC will now regulate run times based on local weather conditions
  • Install the Solar Sync and the conversion to a "smart controller" is complete
  • Compatible with Hunter weather sensors to halt irrigation during rain, freeze, and wind events
  • 3 flexible programs with 4 start times each and run times up to 4 hours to accommodate most residential and light commercial irrigation system needs
  • Provides essential water management features in a user-friendly indoor controller to ensure beautiful, healthy landscapes for up to 6 stations
  • Upgrade the ESP-ME3 to a SMART controller by adding the LNK WiFi module and a WR2 rain sensor. The LNK makes programming and monitoring easy through the enhanced Rain Bird app.
  • Be alerted of system issues including electrical, programming, or high flow (when using a flow sensor) through a red LED and scrolling messages coupled with mobile device alerts when used with the LNK WiFi Module and the Rain Bird app.
  • Large text and symbols make the color-coded dial positions easy to understand. Large 3” back-lit screen is clear to read in dark garages or sheds.
  • Full-functioning controller with touchscreen, also fully accessible via Hydrawise app.
  • Large terminal strips and wiring compartment. Dedicated master valve/pump start.
  • Daily schedule adjustments, based on local weather data, monitor past, current and forecasted temperature, rainfall, humidity, and wind speed.
  • One-touch seasonal adjust allows increase to watering time in hot, dry months or reduction in cool, rainy periods
  • Superior long-lasting durability and built-in surge protection
  • This timer is so easy to program you won't need the instructions
  • Simple to Program. Quickly program a schedule in just 3 steps. NEW large back-lit LCD display for improved visibility in low-light and direct sunlight conditions WiFi Connectivity
  • Automatic weather adjustments provide daily run time changes, saving up to 50% in water
  • The Wifi operates like a wireless remote control for your irrigation system while onsite or an internet-based monitoring and control system when offsite
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Some Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Hunter vs rainbird controller

As you know, Hunter vs rainbird controller is a product that many people are interested in purchasing in our current life. Our Hunter vs rainbird controller expertise will assist you in making the best option possible. In this shopping guide, we'll feature some of the top items available right now, along with explanations for commonly asked concerns about these.

  • Where may clients go if they have a problem with a product?
  • What factors should buyers consider while looking for the best solution?
  • Do you think it'll be a worthwhile investment of your time and money?
  • What are the most prominent product lines on the market right now?
  • What are the advantages of the product to the consumer?

Choosing the Hunter vs rainbird controller might be difficult for novices. More thousands of items in the marketplace have varying characteristics and costs. As a result, you must be knowledgeable in order to select the goods that properly meet your requirements.

Nowadays, the Hunter vs rainbird controller is one of the most essential and relevant information found on the internet, thanks to the expansion of sales web pages, online consultation communities, customer feedback, and discussions in the present technological network.

Items that have been analyzed and validated by technology are now included in the list of factors below:

On-device Controls

You probably don't want to buy a gardening robot unless you plan to use it yourself. If you're going to let someone else control the bot, you might consider buying one with built-in buttons and displays so they can see what's happening at all times.


You might think that the best method to check whether a sprinkling device is appropriate for your house would be to try it out. But before you do so, you must know exactly what kind of sprinklers are readily available today. Sprinklers come in two major types - drip systems and flood systems. Drip systems are typically used in yards with little vegetation because they can conserve lots of money and time. Flood systems are ideal for yards with large amounts of vegetation because they can cover larger regions. Also, flood systems are much better suited to homes with hard surfaces such as concrete rather than soil. To determine if a particular sprinkling unit is right for your home, take into consideration how big your property is, the amount of vegetation on it, and the type of surface material.

Ease Of Installation

A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of having a new home built. They feel they do not know enough about building codes, permits, and construction techniques to make an informed decision. But the good news is that anyone who wants to build a house can learn how to do so. And once you've learned the basics, you'll find yourself able to hire professionals to help you build a beautiful home.

"If you have a large lawn to water, from a cost and time standpoint, it may be better to spend on an underground irrigation system. Yet, if you just have a small garden, then a hose-powered system will definitely function."

Smart Home Compatibility

While a lot of wise lawn sprinkler controllers have an app for clever control to permit organizing as well as progressed performance, compatibility with various other wise home gadgets is another element entirely. Smart lawn sprinkler controllers are specialized gadgets, as well as numerous brands that make them do not make various other wise residence devices. So, you'll require to rely upon other apps to aggregate gadgets together. Many smart sprinkler systems work with Google Residence gadgets. If you like to stay within the Apple ecosystem with Siri control, it's best to seek one that works with the HomeKit method, like Eve's hose-based controller.

Indoor/outdoor Mounting

Are you installing your controller indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, you'll need a weatherproof enclosure. Some vendors sell separate outdoor and indoor models. Others sell an outdoor version as a separate accessory.

Scheduling Features

A lot of smart irrigation systems from leading brands like Rachio and Orbit include their very own dedicated applications. You can interact with them by connecting them to your house Wi-Fi community through the app. A common attribute of lots of these applications is the capacity to organize your system according to a schedule or an existing wise home programmable thermostat. One crucial factor to think about is just how many locations the sprinkler can handle. If you have a bigger garden and also wish to set up various regions for various times of the working week, having more places implies much better versatility and control.

Yard Customization Features

With a smart irrigation system, you can get customized watering quantities for each of your lawns' zones. The system determines the ideal watering quantity for each of your lawn's zones based on factors such as the following.

- Slope of surface

- Color cover

- Type of plants

- Dirt kind

For example, one part of your lawn might require much less watering because the soil contains a lot of clays. Clays retain moisture well.


It’s important to know when your sprinkler system is working, but different types of systems handle the task differently. Push notifications are commonly used, but some only send an alert when the system completes its cycle rather than at the beginning. Other methods of communication (e.g., email, SMS) aren’t widely available, so think about using something that supports IFTTT for more sophisticated notifications.

Final Words

Our evaluations are not created to facilitate your personal knowledge. We always urge people to try the good or service for themselves in order to make the best decisions when choosing the Hunter vs rainbird controller with popular brands below: Hunter, Rain-bird, Hunter company, Rachio, Hunter sprinkler, Rain bird, Spw, Orbit. So, you should think of our evaluation as a helpful resource.


1. Can I Use A Smart Sprinkler Controller On My Manual Lawn Sprinkler?

In some instances, yes. Most people who own a home already have a water supply running through their house. A lot of these systems can be connected to a central control panel that regulates the flow of water throughout the entire property. With this type of device, you won’t have to worry about wasting money on a whole new irrigation setup.

2. Can I Install A Smart Sprinkler Controller Myself?

You may want to hire an expert to install your smart sprinkler timer. Some low-cost models are easy to set up, but others require some technical know-how.

3. How Many Stations Can A Smart Sprinkler Controller Support?

Depending on the system, this number may vary from eight to up to twenty or more zones. More advanced models can support as many as twenty or more zones.

4. What Exactly Does A Smart Sprinkler Controller Do?

A smart lawn sprinkling controller has a wireless sensor network that allows you to control your irrigation systems remotely. It provides the ability to change your water settings automatically based upon the current conditions. Some smart sprinklers allow you to manage them yourself using an app; others require a manual override.

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